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SAME-DAY COVID-19 TESTING In New York & Florida!

  • icons Fast Results—in just 15 mins to 24 hrs
  • icons PCR, Antigen, & Antibody Tests Available
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Putting Patients First

Get Tested for Covid-19 Today!

Get affordable, convenient, & reliable Covid-19 tests with no wait time in one of our many Florida or New York testing centers. Just find your nearest location below & book online in no time!



Alliance partners only with CLIA-certified labs, providing the highest standard of PCR & rapid Antigen Covid-19 Testing.


Results via Email

Get results in your inbox in only 15 minutes to 24 hours depending on the test!


Travel Internationally

The CDC requires PCR results 3 days before departure, & we’ll provide you with the paperwork you need for international travel!


Book Online - No Lines!

Register your appointment in just one click! Once you arrive, you’ll get tested right away.

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COVID-19 Testing
Mobile Service In Your City

Save your time we come to you to get you tested!

Passing The test And Getting The Results


  • icon At lab at 11 results by 3 pm
  • icon At lab at 3 results by 7 pm
  • icon At lab by 6 pm results by 11 next morning


  • icon At lab before 2:30 results by 7 pm
  • icon Any pcr with GenoSUR after Saturday cut off will get results Monday at 3 pm

Should I Get Tested For COVID-19 ?

If any of these applies to you, get tested for Covid-19 ASAP.

Symptoms like coughing, loss of taste, shortness of breath Recent contact with someone displaying these symptoms Recent contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should get tested right away..

No need to wait—select your location, book your appointment, & get tested as soon as you arrive!

Just pick a Covid-19 test based on what you need from your results & they'll arrive via email in no time!

Need immediate results? Get Rapid Antigen & Antibody results in only 15 minutes!

Ready to travel? Most airlines require PCR Covid-19 Testing—get results in as little as 30 Minutes with our Rapid Results RT-PCR Test or within 24 hours with our Same-day RT-PCR Test

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RT-PCR Covid-19 Test For International Travel

The CDC mandates that international travelers present RT-PCR Covid-19 Test results from a test taken at most 3 days prior to departure. But no need to stress—all our PCR tests are approved for travel!

With our Rapid Results RT-PCR test, get results in just 30 minutes! In less of a hurry? Go for our Same-day PCR to get results the very same day—guaranteed within 24 hours

Avoid stress-searching for available appointments or waiting in line for 3+ hours. With Alliance’s quick & easy process, save valuable time in the last days before your trip! Find your location, book in 1 click, & get tested in no time!

Book My COVID-19 Test! Book my COVID-19 Test
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Covid-19 Testing Options

Select Your Location & Click To Book Your Preferred Test

Get Tested in 3 Easy Steps

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Find your location & book your Covid test.

Find your nearest Alliance clinic below & book the appointment for your preferred test.

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Get tested as soon as you arrive at Alliance.

Arrive at your appointment and get your PCR or Antigen Covid-19 test right away!

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Receive your results via email in 1 day or less!

Get Rapid Antigen results in 15 minutes & Rapid PCR results just 30 Mins!

Find Your Location

Staying in Florida or New York? With 19 total testing centers, we may very well have a location near you! If you're unsure or just have any questions, give us a call at any time!


New York

Rapid Antigen & RT-PCR— The Difference & Which to Choose


Rapid Antigen Test

An Antigen test, commonly called a rapid test, confirms if you’re infected with Covid-19 by detecting viral proteins. It's conducted by analyzing the fluid sample from a nasal swab.

Producing results in only 15 minutes, the rapid test comes in handy when you need to know if you're infected right away.

More of the virus needs to be present in order for the Antigen test to detect it, so false negatives can occur. We recommend following up with a PCR test if you feel symptoms despite receiving a negative result in order to be certain.

Traveling internationally? Make sure you take an RT-PCR test! The CDC & most travel destinations will not accept Antigen tests given the possibility of false negatives.

Select To Book My Covid-19 Test Book my COVID-19 Test


RT-PCT tests are considered the gold standard of Covid-19 testing—producing the most accurate results. Antigen tests can produce false negatives if not enough of the virus is present, but RT-PCR Covid-19 Tests don't carry this risk.

Detecting instead the virus’s genetic material, a PCR test can confirm your infection—even when very little of the virus is present!

Need urgent PCR results? With our in-house Rapid Results RT-PCR Test, get results in just 30 mins! Or opt for our Same-day PCR for guaranteed results within 24 hours.

Traveling? Start prepping now! Book your test 2 days before your flight to be ready for take-off when the time comes.

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Industries We Proudly Serve

Camps & Schools

Coordinate with Alliance to set up on-site testing at your camp or school. Simply provide us with each testee's insurance — and we can come conduct group tests periodically to keep everyone safe!

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Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers continue to provide quality education & care amidst this global crisis. Alliance.Health is here to help, providing accessible & convenient group testing.!

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Community Workers

Community workers keep us educated, safe, & connected. People like mailmen, teachers, and firefighters turn the cogs that keep our communities running! To make the testing process easier, we come to you for a same-day group test — wherever & whenever is convenient.

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With businesses reopening, hotels enforce preventative measures to protect their guests & employees. Alliance.Health conducts Covid-19 tests at your hotel to keep your guests safe and maintain a virus-free environment!

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With employees handling food & customers removing masks , restaurants must take extra precautions to protect their patrons & staff. Alliance.Health tests your employees at work — so you can keep your patrons fed & your staff employed.

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With the pandemic-invoked shift to online shopping, the few retail stores that do remain open struggle to stay that way. Keep your employees & customers safe with same-day Covid-19 tests for your employees!

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Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?


No, we accept walk-ins. We do recommend quickly booking online to pre-fill your information & speed up your check in.

What is a diagnostic Covid-19 test?


Diagnostic tests like RT-PCR & Antigen tests can confirm it you're currently infected with Covid-19. They're different from Antibody tests, which can confirm if you were infected with Covid-19 at some point in the past. We o.f.fer both diagnostic & Antibody tests in all Alliance clinics.

What's the difference between Antigen & RT-PCR Covid-19 diagnostic tests?


PCR tests detect genetic material, specially RNA, to confirm a Covid infection while Antigen tests detect viral proteins to confirm a Covid infection. RT-PCR tests are the "gold standard" of Covid testing, accepted for travel & the most reliable. Antigen tests carry a small risk of yielding a false negative if the virus hasn't had enough time to incubate. Alliance Health offers both RT-PCR & Antigen Covid-19 tests in all our locations. In South Florida, we offer a Rapid Antigen test & 2 PCR test options. You can pick from our Expedited RT-PCR Test and Same-Day RT-PCR Test, depending on how quickly you want your results. In Central Florida & New York, we offer a Rapid Antigen test & a Same-day RT-PCR Test.

What is an Antibody test?


An antibody test can confirm if you've been infected with Covid-19 in the past. We offer Rapid Antibody tests in all Alliance Health locations.

How long does it take for results to come in?


In South Florida: Same-day Rapid Swab PCR: 6 to 8 hours (Mon-Sat) * Expedited RT-PCR: 30 minutes. Rapid Antigen: I5 minutes Rapid Antibody: 15 minutes In Central FL & New York: Guaranteed Results in 24 Hours for RT-PCR:


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